Cash for Gold & Gift Cards
Gold Stop

Gold Stop pays the most for your 
Gold, Silver, & Gift Cards! 
Always paying in CASH on the spot!
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What We Buy

• Gold (in any condition) 
• 10k, 14k, 14kw, 18k, 18kw, 22k, 24k 
• Silver (in any condition) 
• Necklaces (in any condition) 
• Dental gold  
• Estate / Antique / Vintage jewelry 
• Scrap / damaged / broken jewelry 
• Silver and gold coins 
• Silver serving sets (complete or incomplete sets) 
• Earrings (in any condition) 
• Rings (wedding, engagement, class ring, cocktail, pinkie, thumb)  
• Gold statues 
• Tri-color gold
• Gift Cards & Merchandise Credits!
Paying up to 70%!
How it Works

1. In store, we test your items for Karat Value & Metal Type. Gift Cards/Merchandise Credits need to have $10 or more balance & verified by a 1-800 or Website.
2. Receive a quote with the best prices in town.
3.Leave your items with us & get cash on the spot! 
Easy as 1, 2, 3!